The National Roads Administration is responsible, within the limits set by the laws and regulations, for civil engineering works on behalf of the state.

It has the following responsibilities:

On behalf of the state

  • construction, maintenance and modernisation of the major highways network;
  • traffic management on the major highways network and safety surveillance in tunnels;
  • construction, development and maintenance of the state’s public highways and appurtenances;
  • issuing road-building permits and policing of the highways network;
  • surveillance and maintenance of hydroelectric installations in the Haute-Sûre and Basse-Sûre as well as dams and locks on the navigable channel;
  • installation and maintenance of public lighting on the state’s public highways network;
  • constructive and routine maintenance of the navigable channel and banks of the channelled Moselle and port of Mertert;
  • construction and maintenance of some infrastructure at Luxembourg airport.

On behalf of the municipalities, within the limits indicated above

  • carrying out projects and site supervision on the municipal highways network and its appurtenances.

On behalf of the state and the municipalities

  • analysing and testing construction materials;
  • geological work and applied geological work;
  • topographical and photogrammetric operations, in the context of civil engineering works.

Inventory of the services offered by the National Roads Administration

With the internal reorganisation of the National Roads Administration, in particular including the transfer to the municipalities of the two water purification plants in Beringen/Mersch and Bleesbruck/Diekirch and following the creation of several inter-municipal bodies responsible for either the collection and purification of waste water, or the provision of drinking water to localities, and the subsequent abolition of some units of the Water Division of the National Roads Administration, from now on some services can no longer be offered to municipalities. These include:

  • water purification plant projects (*);
  • projects to install or extend drinking water distribution networks (water mains and pumping stations) and water towers or reservoirs (*);
  • detecting and repairing leaks;
  • screening and marking underground pipes;
  • remote surveillance of drinking water reservoirs;
  • provision of network plans or underground infrastructure plans.

(*) In the DVD area encompassing the districts of Clervaux, Diekirch, Echternach, Redange, Wiltz and Vianden, small-scale projects can be carried out for municipalities which do not have their own technical department and which are not members of an inter-municipal body responsible for the collection and purification of waste water.

In return, the National Roads Administration is prepared to help the municipalities in many other technical areas which are part of their daily fields of activity.

For simple advice, for example regarding road-building permits or planting permits, all you need to do is contact the officer at the relevant department. On the other hand, the development of projects or the organisation of works requiring the use of the National Roads Administration’s equipment may only be carried out based on a decision made in the proper way by the municipal council and transmitted via the Minister of Public Works.

The National Roads Administration can only reply to requests submitted to it within the limits of the availability of staff and equipment in the respective departments.

The provision of services relying on private means cannot be charged to the National Roads Administration.

The National Roads Administration asks the municipal authorities for assistance regarding road-building permits, requiring them to inform their citizens of the obligation to apply for such permits for all works that they wish to carry out on their land located adjacent to a state road. To this end, a detailed justification is attached.

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